Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When does the season start?
The Season Starts on the first weekend of November for indoor and  Victoria Day weekend for outdoor.
Q. When will the coach contact us?
The coach usually contacts the players via email 1 - 2 weeks prior to the season start. If there is no coach assigned to your child's team you will receive an email from the director.
Q. How do I register my child to play with your club?
You can register online by visiting selecting online registration, if you are having trouble you can always visit our office during regular business hours.
Q. What form of payment can I use?
We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express online or if you wish to pay by Cash or Debit, or do not wish to pay online please register the player online until you reach the payment screen and choose ‘Office Payment’ you will have 3 days to come to our office and make your payment. Also bring with you documentation of the players birth date i.e.. Birth Certificate, Health Card or Passport
Q. What is your refund policy?
Refund requests must be received by June 15 for Outdoor and December 1 for Indoor.  All refunds are subject to a $60 administration fee per refund request.  There will be no refunds on any SURCHARGES.  All requests must be received in writing.  Refunds will be processed via the same method in which payment was made, with the exception of cash where a cheque will be written.  Click on the link for the form... REFUND FORM
Q. My child’s team is not having practices?
Practices are available to U6-U18 teams at the discretion of the team coach. They are not mandatory
Q. Can I protect a player?
No, only the coach and Assistant coaches will be able to protect their own child to their team.
Q. I have two children who are only one year apart, can the younger one play on the team with his/her older sibling? 
We believe that players should play with their own age group as much as possible. We do not move players up to higher divisions. It would also be unfair to turn away a player who legitimately belongs in that age group as a result of taking a younger player. Rather than leave players on waiting lists. However, we do occasionally move players up when a division is full and the next higher division needs additional players.  This is only done at the club’s discretion.
Q. What is included in our registration?
Your registration fee will include a jersey, a pair of shorts and a pair of socks.
U4-U12 will also receive a participation trophy at the end of the season.
U13-U18 will have at least one cup final
During the outdoor season every player will also receive a team photograph and a soccer ball.
Q. What do I need to purchase
Your child will need a pair of shin guards and you will also need a pair of cleats (soccer shoes for the outdoor season) or running shoes or indoor soccer shoes for our indoor season.
Q. Are Shin guard mandatory?
Yes, every player is required to wear shin guards regardless of how old they are.
Q. Can I request a certain coach/player?
NO, Requests for players to play with certain other players or coaches WILL NOT be accepted. 
Only coaches children (2 Max) who are no more than one (1) year apart can be placed on the same team.

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