Mission Statement

The Brampton Youth Soccer Club (BYSC) strives to promote and improve the way soccer is experienced for its members in the city of Brampton. Our goal is to foster a community of positivity and team spirit amongst our members, supporters, and teams. We are committed to helping individuals develop their roles as responsible and resourceful members of the community by providing organized opportunities through the sport of soccer. We aim to maintain and increase interest in the sport while fostering physical, mental, social, and leadership skills in our members. Above all, BYSC places a strong emphasis on the safety of its members and teams by exercising general care, supervision, and direction over the sport.

About the Brampton Youth Soccer Club

The Brampton Youth Soccer Club (BYSC) is a non-profit organization that is run by a Board of Directors elected annually by members at the Annual General Meeting. The club was established in 1970 and became incorporated in 1979. Since that time, BYSC has grown tremendously, with over 3,000 annual registrations to date!

BYSC is committed to providing organized opportunities through the sport of soccer for its members. We provide a variety of year-round development programs for players, coaches, and referees. Learn more about our recreational and competitive league programs.

BYSC recognizes that continuous club development is an important aspect of making sure our members are getting the best experience possible. We currently employ a professional staff member to oversee and coordinate the development of our programs.

Policies are an important part of maintaining safety in any organized sport. To view our policies, click here.